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Staci The MoonBrain
- Where Crazy Rules All
I smell RomCom!

Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?
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Rita and Dexter? I could see a resemblance.

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Wow! Two in one day and so close together. Actually the following entry is something I wrote a little while ago, early on the morning of July 18th.

Click to see The Disclaimer of what to expect from my journal entries. Might explain my moods a bit or that I'm not always the sum of my entry.

Now for the actually entry: Read moreCollapse )

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A general introduction and disclaimer on what to expect when you read my entries.

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I know why I rarely update!

Sure I'm lazy and the whole "one-blog-a-day/week" thing means I'd have to put some effort in, but that's not it, not completely.

And see!?! Well... I guess you can't, but just then I spent about 10 minutes watching Stargate stuff on YouTube. Siiigh.

Ok, but what I was going to say was that I'm paranoid. I could write all about my day and tell you everything that is going on in my life and treat this just like a diary or something, but then one of you people out there could be crazy psycho stalkers and find me strangley compelling and want to track me down and start with the stalking. Hmm... that's pretty vain isn't it? To think that someone would want to devote all their time and energy into following me, thinking about me and then eventually killing me.

AH HA! I just did it again, but this time it was 20 minutes on messenger. Oh lordy, will I ever complete this tasking task?!

I will go now while I'm ahead.


- Staci

PS- I love my cat.... sooooo cute right now.
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Wow! My very first entry into my very first livejournal! I feel special. To be able to share all my thoughts and belief here... where no one will read it. Well, probably not anyway.

So! In point form I will tell you a little about me and what you can expect here.

* I love slash fanfic, oh yes I do.
* I'm not a grammatical genius, sorry.
* I'm a weirdo. Everyone and their socks will tell you this.
* I'm likely to forget all about this thing in a few weeks.
* I watch a lot of TV
* I work two jobs and often.
* I will tell you about music I love in special entries.
* I might even post links to slash sites/stories.

That's all that I can really think of right now.

I'm going to do something more interesting, like create a theme gallery for my moods. Yeah. Sounds good.

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Current Location: At computer! *shock&awe*
Current Mood: anxious anxious
Current Music: Damien Rice - Cannonball

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